Welcome to My Journal! This is where I post about my book “Night Hervey” and all of my thoughts about the things I learn on this journey. I believe that whatever knowledge I have will be useless if I will not share it with you. Check my BIO.

When I’m Writing

Infinite blessings to all of you, readers!


I once asked myself before “How on earth did I get started with all this?”

I remember that I once wrote a script for a play in high school and after the presentation, the teacher loved the story. At that moment, my heart rose in excitement but it didn’t convince me to pursue my interest in writing. So I went to college carrying little fragments of stories inside my head and then I asked myself “Should I write it down?” But still, I chose to disregard the thought, left it on a wayside and totally forgot about it.

Years passed, I finished school and got employed but then years later I resigned. I invested in business but then I failed. I invested in business again, but then I quit. I invested again, good thing that I stayed but I became stagnant. But there’s only one specific thing that remained constant. It was the tiny fragments of stories that kept popping up in my head. It was definitely not annoying pop-ups.

After all the failures, mistakes, frustrations, discouragements, and between life-death situations I encountered, those little fragments didn’t leave me which helped me to keep going. It was then I realized that all those pop ups were God’s method of telling me “This is your call.”

So I began to write the story that I love and gathered those tiny fragments together to create an outline that eventually turned into a story. I learned that failures and mistakes are truly constant but so do the blessings. It is infinite. If people say that I’m so silent, well at least when I’m writing, I am definitely noisy.