Infinite Blessings Readers!

Please enjoy the preview of my first book, Night Hervey and the Shadows of Enkhantoes.


This is about the life threatening quest of Night Hervey as she carried the load of her own weakness, fears, and guilt that could possibly turned her friends into foes and her foes into allies.

Night has always been bold and competitive but sometimes a little impatient. She was part of the group of spirits that has the ability to control compound elements in the atmosphere, land, and seas called Enkhanto. They existed in Gan Edennia, a kingdom with 37 nations in 4 continents and a paradise where the first human was created.

At the age of five, Night stayed dormant and sealed inside the egg of the bakunawa (sea serpent) for 500 years.

One day she awakened still in a child form and came out from the egg agonized by her incapacity to control any elements, not even the carbon where she was good at. Because of this weakness, she continued to live in secret underground away from the noises of the war that started 500 years ago.

When she and her bakunawa guardian were located, Night was forced to go to the physical world of humans together with the two runaway children. They were adopted by Richard and Gem Hervey and together they lived as siblings.

For 20 years, Night grew up while observing the behaviors of humans until she found a portal that led back to Gan Edennia. She took a journey back to their realm finding an answer to overcome her weakness in the midst of war and discovered about the shadows that made humans and Enkhantoes trembled in fear.he First 3000 words

The First 3000 words are available.



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