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The Girl in the Tuscan Egg

In the beginning, the universe was created with just one command. As the light and darkness appeared, multiple spheres were scattered apart from each other with million miles and light years in distance. It was magnificent, transcendent and vast with indefinite size. Some of these spheres were blessed with living organisms that multiplied into greater numbers.

One sphere with a distance of 93 million miles from the other with hot plasma was gifted with resources and harbored life given by the one who made an absolute command. Its elements of the entire system were balance and the living species called it Earth.

Earth was known as the realm of mortals which were called humans. They were all made by image and likeness of the creator and consume the resources of the land and seas to survive. Their population grew and each learned to develop their unique intelligence that couldn’t be imitated by other species. This gift of intelligence started from the act of transgression of the first two humans.

The first humans lived in the garden and were able to see other beings like spirits, angels, demons and more. They were able to walk and speak straight to them. But because they committed sin, the earth was divided and their sight was changed which they could no longer see anything that belongs to the other realm. Their act of transgression was the reason for their expulsion and able to live the physical world. Their awareness of spiritual beings from that time up to this present period became a myth.

The garden still existed adjacent to the physical world that was known by the name Gan Edennia. This paradise was ruled by spiritual guardians called enkhantoes that looked like humans with white eyelashes. They were the group of spirits that possessed and controlled elements and minerals existed on land and seas. They were not immortals but lived more than a hundred thousand years that were free to move from their world to the realm of humans through portals. If humans were linked with sin, Enkhantoes were linked with responsibility.

On the seventh sun down in the month of Juno, the first month of the year MDC1817, one nation of the Emerald continent in Gan Edennia called Puree was filled with dark clouds. Inside those clouds were thousands of souls and it was not just an ordinary souls, those were the souls of demons. They were like an ash colored mist form into faces. And each of those souls looked at the ground searching for something. When they found what they were looking for, they descended in speed, raced into the ground and went after to the captured, frightened enkhantoes.

“Mother, Mother!” the girl screamed in fear as she saw a soul approaching and entered into her mouth. She felt the pain in her stomach and squeezed it hard. The moment she stopped, the sclera of her eyes turned black as a sign that the demon soul consumed her transcendent spirit.

“Make it certain that you never miss any enkhanto,” ordered the legionary.

“Understood – “

These legionaries were the group of enkhantoes in one of the continents in Gan Edennia trained to be soldiers and won thousands of battles. They were called Abrafos, the Legion of the West and the defender of the second largest continent, Ruby with ten nations and ruled by one king.

“Is there any news in the remaining three nations of Emerald?” one enkhanto asked his fellow legionary.

“They can’t get through, captain. The three countries are surrounded by the ocean, the territory of the last bakunawa.”

“How did that creature stay alive for 500 years?” the captain got annoyed. “If only we could find some weakness.”

“That creature is the queen of the serpents.”

“I know,” said the captain and moved ahead.

Meanwhile, other legionaries of the continent of Emerald stood at the shore and watched the ocean where the malachite scales of the giant bakunawa glowed in the water as it commanded the ocean to rise. This creature was known as the sea serpent with red tongue and gleamed eyes.

Every legionary at the shore helped the creature by increasing the volume of the ocean water through the pores of their skin. They combined the hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, chlorine, and carbon to make multiple arrows that had an excessive amount of pressure, aimed, and released it to the dark clouds.

“Spyros at the back, to the air!” a male enkhanto with an authoritative aura commanded the legionaries to jump in the air and then he himself changed form into brown and white colored giant eagle. He flew up near the head of the bakunawa facing the dark clouds where demon souls continued pushing to get through.

“Demons of Aeshmedai,” the Eagle said. “You cannot devour anymore enkhantoes in this land. The fears in their hearts towards you are gone. They now feel the rage and urge to kill all of you. So go back to where you belong.”

The demon souls gave an unpleasant laughed. “No enkhantoes can kill us, King of Emerald. Even if we will retreat today, it’s definite that we will come back next time.”

The giant eagle flapped his wings that created numerous whirlwind while the bakunawa used the ocean and enkhantoes increased the volume of the elements they produced and pushed together at the souls in the clouds.

“I thought that I was going to fight a little longer,” the Eagle said after the clouds disappeared.

“Why are you here, Arkyn?” the bakunawa asked as the king transformed back into enkhanto and landed on the creature’s back.

“Should I let you fight alone?”

“I’m not fighting alone.”

“Viper, this is my continent,” King Arkyn stated. “It is my duty to defend it. Besides, I need to watch the back of the queen of all serpents in the battle.”

“You don’t need to watch over me. I’m not your queen.”

“Well, we are now both eligible.”

“Silence!” she snapped which made the king laughed. “My priority is to guard the egg.”

“I know,” the king responded as he leaped at the shore.

The bakunawa changed form into a dark haired female enkhanto with a blindfold that looked like snake’s skin. “Forgive me if I failed to help you save the five nations of Emerald continent.”

“That was fifty years ago. It is I who failed the citizens in this kingdom. Fear was already growing in everyone’s heart. The diamonds were gone, the Sapphires have fallen, the Rubies were lost and I as the King of Emerald don’t have the quality and incapable of giving them courage.”

“You have the Spyros,” Viper said. “Seven of them were trained by Ryuu. Guide them well.” She followed the King away from the shore when halted in abrupt, looked around and a bit troubled.

“What’s wrong?”

“The egg,” Viper said. She returned to the sea leaving the King and removed her blindfold that transformed herself back to bakunawa.

Viper dove underwater to where she hid the egg. But when she approached the cave, she noticed that the water was hot and the egg was gone. She looked around near the cave restless and troubled but failed to find it. Then she decided to trace the hot part of the ocean water hoping that it might take her to where the Tuscan egg was. The longer she followed, the more her heart pounded with an extreme degree and intense sensation.

This path will take me to Puree,” she thought and tripled her speed. The nation of Puree was already conquered by demons and it had a possibility that all enkhantoes at that nation were consumed.

It took almost an hour when she caught up the 6 ft. egg near the coastal area of the northeastern part of Puree. She moved closer and noticed the 36 inches slit that the pressurized gas came out and caused of propulsion. The pressure released from inside the egg could be too strong that made it travel from one nation to another. She carried the egg through her mouth and followed the hole she found underwater that leads to a tunnel. She followed the path in dark tunnel and her malachite scales glowed to give light until she found a cave.

Deep in the cave, Viper transformed back into enkhanto and produced heat, carbon dioxide, and more three elements to ignite the fire that gave light around the cave. “What should I do?” she muttered pacing around. She touched the 36 inches slit of the leather like a Tuscan egg in quiet, gentle way and took a peek inside. She intensified the fire and created more around for her to have a clear vision. As she looked closer, she saw a girl which face was already forgotten in her memory.

The girl slept on her stomach with her red wine hair covering her body like a blanket. “Father, Father,” she spoke. “Father!” she screamed in sudden and woke up.

“Come out, child,” Viper said.

“Viper, where am I?” the girl wondered as she looked at the small space inside the egg. “Why am I in this – She forced herself to come out through the slit.

“Oh child, you’re still – young,” Viper remarked as she bent down closer to the girl.

“What is this place?” the girl asked as she gave Viper embrace.

“We’re inside the cave in Puree,”

“What happened?” the girl asked. “Why am I inside this… egg?” she looked at the egg confused and puzzled with thoughts. “I want to get out from this cave.”

“No, you mustn’t.”


Viper paused and thought of the right words to say. “I – it’s been 500 years since the seven infernal gates unlocked. And –

The girl’s inquisitive midnight blue eyes stared at her waiting for the words she wanted to hear. When Viper refused to continue, tears came out from her eyes that every time it fell down on her cheek, it vaporized and turned into gasses. “Could it be that they’re dead?” she trembled.

Viper nodded which caused the girl to cry out loud.

“D-did I kill them?” the girl continued while wailing but Viper chose not to respond. “How did I end up inside the egg?”

“It was Ryuu who put you inside the egg,” she replied.

“Where is he?”

“He’s – “

“He sealed my body inside the egg, right?”


“W-what was the compensation?”

“H-His life -”

The girl’s guiltiness rose the further she listened to Viper. She outstretched her both hands trying to release elements but turned surprised when nothing came out from her pores. She tried again but failed. “I can’t use any elements,” she declared.

“Try again,” Viper ordered.

“I tried but nothing happened.”

“Let me see your back,” she took off the girl’s clothes, looked at her back and found the mark of huge azure blue serpent’s eye. “He sealed everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ryuu sealed all your elements. That means you cannot control anything.”

“How am I supposed to live without elements?” the girl asked, stressed and agitated. “What if someone will take revenge on me, how am I supposed to defend myself? What should I do?”

“I am here child. I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

“No! You’ll die if you protect me.”

“Your father is my Master. Even if it takes to give up my life, as long as it means you’ll live.”

“But I don’t want you to die. Y-you could have just killed me then.”

“I can’t do that,” Viper said and embraced the little girl who refused to stop crying. “Listen, child, since Ryuu sealed your control over the elements, let us just hide your identity. I’ll call you by another name.”

“What will you call me?”

“What do you want me to call you?”

The girl paused for a thought and said, “You can call me – Night.”

“Why do you like that name?”

“That’s because I am Gan Edennia’s true darkness,” the girl said with sadness reflected in her eyes.

“That’s not true, child.”

“It is true. You knew.” the girl replied. “You don’t have to comfort me. It won’t be enough to erase my guilt.”

“Alright,” Viper agreed. “Then I’ll call you, Night.”

“Thank you. And I have also a favor to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Make me a weapon. I can’t provide my own.”

“What kind of weapon?”

“Give me bow and arrow and also a sword.”

“Let’s settle for the bow and arrow first,” she released carbon elements from her pores and created a carbon fiber black bow and arrows. “Is this enough?”

“Why are you giving me a small size?”

“That’s because you’re still a child.”

“I’m not a child,” Night protested. “I’m more than 505 years old, stuck in this small body. J-just give me the standard size.”

Viper sighed and without a word, she made the weapon according to Night’s preference.

Night held her weapon, observed all over the place and knocked on the cave’s wall.

“What are you doing?” Viper asked with inquisitive eyes.

“I want to know how hard the cave’s wall is,” she replied and took a step back away from the wall. She raised both arms with bow and arrow, aimed to the wall and released it.

“This cave is made of stone. Are you thinking that you could possibly bury that arrow into this wall? You’re not dreaming are you?”

“If I can’t then it means that the arrow that you made is weak.”

“Huh! Are you underestimating me, child?”

Night released the arrow into the wall but it just bounced and didn’t even leave a single scratched into the stone which made Viper laughed.

“Oh dear, I wonder if the weapon I made is weak or the one who holds it,” Viper remarked as she saw Night put her arms down with disappointment.

“Why did Ryuu also seal my force?” she complained.

“I don’t know. I could not predict his thoughts.”

“He was your husband and your King.”

“Yes, he was,” Viper agreed, looked at the girl’s arms and noticed the white gold with the burning yellow topaz bakunawa (sea serpent) bracelet on her right arm. Its tail was on her elbow and circled down to her wrist with an expanded neck and azure colored eyes. “Wait, you still have your courier. Why don’t you use it?”

“I tried it but it won’t listen.”

“So I guess that he made your body like a real human now.”

“Don’t compare me to the Outlaws,” she grumbled as she continued throwing arrows in the cave’s wall.

“It’s obvious that you still don’t like them,” Viper commented. “I once escaped into their realm with you. That was when the earth passes between the sun and the moon.”

Night ceased her practice and chose to listen to Viper’s fascinating involvement. “What happened that time?”

“The earth shadow covered the moon and couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. At that time, some humans or rather Outlaws saw me flying above the sky carrying you inside the egg.”

“I thought the Outlaws can’t see us.”

“Well, there are some exceptions,” Viper responded. “Not all Outlaws are blind. And you guess what happened?”

“They screamed.”

“Y-yes, but not the exact, they were accusing me of stealing the moon. Ever since then they gave me a name Moon Eater.”

Night to some extent opened her mouth by disbelief and then laughed. “You’re not making any sense.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

“You could have just transformed your image,” Night said and continued releasing arrows on the wall.

“I wanted to change but I couldn’t. The egg is heavy. You’re heavy. W-wait just a minute, could you please stop throwing arrows. Now that you’re awake, it is time to go back to Beryl. This place is not safe.”

“Why? What happened to this nation?”

“Enkhantoes here were controlled by Aeshmedai and his demon souls. There are three nations left unconquered. And that were Beryl, Heliodor, and Morgani.”

“I want to see this nation with my own eyes,” Night said and followed the path that led outside.

“Get back here, child!” Viper commanded but she refused to listen and ran into the tunnel connected to the cave. “It’s dark inside that tunnel and I won’t give you fire to light your way.”

“It’s alright,” Night echoed. “Ryuu sealed all my elements, but he didn’t seal my sight.” She advanced ahead with her midnight blue eyes gleamed in the darkness.

Viper heaved a sigh, ignited fireballs and forced to release carbon and iron elements from the pores of her skin to produce a chain of steel. She threw the chain ahead into Night’s direction to grab and prevent her from going.

“Let me go, Viper!” Night protested. “Let me go.”

“I won’t let you go. Why won’t you listen to what I’m saying? We are going back to Beryl.”

“Please Viper.”

“This kingdom is not like before.”

“I want to see it.”

“You can watch anytime when we’re already in Beryl.”

“No, I want to see it now. I want to know what happened to the conquered nations. I need to see the result of what I’ve done.”

Viper paused for a thought and loosen the steel chain. “What happened to Gan Edennia was not just your fault, child. Aeshmedai was the one who brought fear and confusion to enkhantoes.”

“Bu –

“Enough!” Viper exclaimed. “I don’t want to hear any words out of your guilt anymore. And don’t mention anything about what happened 500 years ago to anyone. If you want to see this nation, we’ll go out from this cave tomorrow morning. It’s dark outside. The number of souls that lurking outside this time will multiply.”

Night went back inside the Tuscan egg in quiet and bothered with thoughts. She wanted to see outside but deep in her heart, she felt unsettled. Was it indeed alright to watch the fallen nations?

“You never sleep last night,” Viper said the next morning.

“I’ve been asleep for 500 years.”

“Alright, let’s go,” Viper said as she smiled and led Night to the tunnel. “Listen, child, don’t do anything reckless outside. Aeshmedai’s demon souls can spot unpossessed enkhanto effortless.”



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