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I was thinking of posting my ideas today about the first chapter of Night Hervey and the Shadows of Enkhantoes. But the 3000 words is a bit hanging. So I decided to post the complete whole chapter.


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The Girl in the Tuscan Egg – Last Part

Night nodded and followed her until they reached beside Aeron river.

Aeron river was connected to the ocean and its unclear water surged between the mountains of huge rocks and dried Molave trees.

“What happened to this land?” Night asked, feeling dejected while looking at the dark sky.

“The system dropped down and no enkhantoes were able to fix it. Or rather no enkhantoes find interests to fix the system of nature. They were all bedeviled.”

They walked beside the river and found rotten animals. Night clenched her chest as her heart tightened all of a sudden watching the lifeless nation.

“Are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine.”

“Follow me this way,” Viper said and directed her to the west .”Stay close to me, child.

As they continued marching 150 kilometers away from the Aeron river and noiseless forest, they found piles of burned woods that perhaps used to create fires.

“Enkhantoes are behind the trees,” Night muttered.

“Who are you?” Viper asked.

“Who are you?” one enkhanto came out from behind the tree.The others followed him and bit by bit approached the two.

“She has a blindfold.”

Night and Viper without warning, encircled by dozen conversations of enkhantoes who were prepared and attentive to fight if they decided to attack.

“You have a blindfold. Are you- Are you the queen of the serpent?”

“Yes, I am,” Viper replied.”I don’t sense the demon’s soul inside you.”

“We are survivors, hiding in this forest.”

“Will you help us get out of here?”

“We can’t get near the shore,”

“Yes, enkhantoes that were possessed by demon souls are guarding.”

“Who among you are able to fly?” Viper asked.

“I’m the only one who can fly, I’m Alfher” the male enkhanto who spoke to them first responded. “The rest are not gifted in controlling volumes of elements. But we all try to be courageous in this dying nation. We also found out that the demon souls can easily sense fear even if you were hiding.”

“I know how to get you out of here, follow me,” Viper said that brought relief to the enkhantoes.

“Who is this child, Your Majesty?” Alfher asked looking at Night who walked beside him in silence.

“I’m also a survivor too,” Night replied.

“I see, it must be painful for you.”

They all sneak into the Aeron river and entered the cave that led to the underground tunnel.

“This river will take us to the ocean,” Viper stated when they arrived at the underground river. “We are going to navigate underwater to avoid being caught by the Bedeviled enkhantoes.” She created a huge translucent sphere with air and ordered them to enter inside. When she descended the sphere, large numbers of black Marlins pierced their bills through the sphere and accelerated it forward into the ocean.

“No words can express how thankful we are for saving our lives, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you, Queen Viper.”

“It’s alright, you may rise.” Viper said as she watched them down on their knees full of gratitude while tears fell from their eyes out of glee. “Our destination is Beryl, the capital nation of Emerald continent. I want you to return to the King’s side and help him.”

“We will.”

Night was still agitated when she thought about the current situation of Puree and maybe the rest of the conquered nations were more horrible. She shook her head and diverted her thoughts to the black Marlins that kept on pushing them when she noticed the lights flickered above. “What is that?” she asked.

“Is that fire?” other enkhanto queried.

“We are now near the State of Cephas,” Viper stated, exited out the sphere and ordered the black Marlins to stop. “You all stay here.” She ascended into the ocean surface and was surprised to see the condition of Cephas State.

Night felt unsettled and wanted to follow Viper and check the situation above.

“If that is a fire, then that means they burn the entire state,” one of their companions said.

“It’s possible,” Alfher replied. “Once the souls can’t control spirits, they are going to burn it.”

Viper returned and entered the sphere in a hurry. “You all should go to Beryl without me,” she said.


“The bedeviled enkhantoes plunged the entire state of a firestorm,” she continued. “I need to go there and check if there are survivors.”

“We will go with you,” Alfher suggested.

“No, you all proceed to Beryl and meet King Arkyn. Tell him about what happened here.” She bent over and held Night’s shoulder. “You are going with them. I will return to you soon.”

Night was quiet and teardrops fell and vaporized from her eyes watching Viper left. She agonized more when black Marlins started to push the sphere again.

“It’s alright, child,” Alfher comforted her as he stroked her shoulder. “She is a mighty bakunawa. She will follow us without a doubt.”

“I-it’s not alright,” Night shuddered. “She’s going into battle alone and fight hundreds of enemies.”

“You’re right,” Alfher agreed. “I wish to help her too but what can I do. I know how you feel but let’s just trust her. Besides, we are inside the sphere that she created. It’s not easy to break it.”

The transparent sphere was solid like an iron wall but to Night, it was not unbreakable. She settled to slam the sphere and got off with an ease that startled the rest of the enkhantoes inside.

“What are you doing?” Alfher exclaimed.

“Get back here, child.”

“Wait, stop the sphere!”

“M-mighty Marlins, can you stop the sphere?”

“Do you know how to talk to fish?”

“No, what about you?”

“Don’t ask me.”

They tried to distract and talk to the black Marlins but they refused to listen. They just kept on pushing the sphere without diminishing their speed.

Night watched them gone and rode behind the killer whale which brought her to the surface. The moment she came a bit distant by the shore, she was shaken when she witnessed the endless rain of fire that burned almost everything in Cephas State. She saw Viper changed form and retaliated the firestorm with water from the ocean. As the ocean rose up and disseminated into the state, the fire reduced but the demon souls took advantage of the resident’s fear by possessing their spirits.

While the State was in chaos, Night got off from the whale, dashed into the shore panting and hid among huge rocks. Within those rocks, she gasped and exhaled to release the tautness she felt. That’s right, she was afraid. How could she not be afraid? In her recent condition, she was worthless with no force, no elements to control and just a child. She was powerless against the immense numbers of the enemies just a few meters away from her but regardless of all that reason which gave her a fright, she could not afford to leave in that nation without Viper.

In the midst of Night’s fear, she glimpsed behind rocks without hesitation and saw demon souls encircling Viper. She witnessed how Viper tried to expel them through her huge mouth but it has no effect. All the souls acted up, descended to the ground and caught the frightened enkhantoes. Even the bedeviled enkhantoes on the ground fought Viper and tried to stab her tough malachite scales but they couldn’t pierce it.

The sight was horrible that Night couldn’t endure. Although she has no elements to use, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t do anything. She crawled in the sand behind rocks to get closer and got the bow and arrows from her back. It was a good thing that she still carried the weapon. When she got closer her fears became worse, but she was firm, raised her arms and aimed her arrow to the bedeviled enkhantoes below that never ceased hitting Viper. She hesitated at first but she saw Viper didn’t attack any of them.

“If you can’t fight them, then I’ll have to incapacitate each of them,” Night muttered and released one arrow. She parted her lips in slight by surprised when the arrow that pierced into the bedeviled enkhanto’s knee pass through and pierced another two enkhantoes behind. Could it be that she got her force back?

The outstanding released of Night’s arrow gave hint for them to identify her location. Dozens of them approached closer and Night without second thought released another arrow that hit through their stomach and hips. But even so, she still couldn’t keep up their speed. The Bedeviled enkhantoes were prepared to wound her with their sword but Viper noticed and flung them through her tail.

As the enkhantoes thrown out into the ocean, the demon souls that sense Night’s fear descended again and prepared to devour her spirit. Night paced back and fell behind into the sand. But the moment the souls were near, they froze in sudden and unable to get through in her mouth.

Viper saw what happened and produced a large volume of pressured ocean water to eliminate the souls but that action wasn’t good enough. She has no choice but to grab Night with her tail and went back into the sea.

As they bathe themselves with ocean water, hundreds of bedeviled enkhanto blocked their path. They were all trained in the extreme but possessed Legionaries of Abrafos of Ruby continent and Spyros of Emerald that still wearing combat suit with long blazers from their corresponding legion. Black and Ruby combination for Abrafos while the Spyros were black and emerald.

All of the legionaries stood above the surface of the water where they controlled the force on their feet to prevent themselves from sinking and the heavy clouds gathered by the souls above them. They rose their arms, released heat and more water vapor to emerged to the clouds until it’s temperature was below freezing that in time turned into ice. Each of those ice collided into each other that built up electrical charges which formed into lightning. Lightning stroke into the ocean and the voltage scattered into the water that hit Viper and Night.

Viper was covered with solid scales that protected her against the electricity but on the other hand, Night screamed and struggled until she passed out. Her skin burned and peeled with shock. As the bedeviled continue to produce lightning, Viper descended deep into the ocean carrying Night. The electric current didn’t cease but she still carried on until she found the path that connected to the underground river.

When Viper arrived at the cave they stayed earlier, she laid Night besides the Tuscan egg and transformed back into a blindfolded female. “Wake up, child,” she said as she held her wounded face. “Please wake up.”

The injuries that wrapped Night brought pain in Viper’s heart as her tears slipped through her snakelike skin blindfold and turned into miniature sized malachite stone. She shuddered, faltered to touch her body and prayed. “Yahweh, I’m begging you. Don’t take her away from your garden.”

Viper’s cry echoed as she held Night’s peeled hand when the Tuscan egg broke into pieces, attached to Night’s skin, dissolved by her burns and began to heal the wounds.

Night moved, woke up panting. “What happened?” she asked as she watched her wounds healed and even her blood returned inside her body.

“I was frightened watching you unconscious,” said Viper embracing her tight. “Why did you come back?”

“I want to fight with you,” Night responded.

“You’re still young.”

“I’m not young.”

“You have no elements.”

“You saw what I did right? I managed to hit three bedeviled enkhantoes with one arrow. Maybe I got my force back.”

“Of course you can hit them,” Viper exclaimed. Their spirit vessel was not hard like these wall in the cave.”

“Now, how can we get away with this? They won’t ceased to produce lightning,” she continued. “You should have left with the others. Why didn’t you listen to me?”

“I just don’t want to leave without you,” Night said crying. “You’re the only one left –

“I told you to go to the King of Emerald. You are safe with him.”


“He knew everything. He will take care of you.”

“No, not without you.”

Viper heaved a sigh, pacing around.

“Why did you hesitate to attack the bedeviled?” Night questioned. “You can kill them with your poison with no trouble.”

“This war isn’t about fighting to kill, child,” Viper stated as she held both of Night’s shoulder. “This is about fighting to live. They were all in pain and suffered from their own fear. The demon souls took advantage of it and devoured them. If we kill the bedeviled, then Aeshmedai wins.”

“How can we fight against someone that we don’t suppose to get hurt?”

“I don’t know. I still don’t know,” she responded. Although she tried to be strong in front of her, deep inside she was tormented on how could they escape in Puree.

Meanwhile, at the southeast shore of Beryl, Alfher and the rest of the enkhantoes inside the sphere arrived and noticed by the Legionaries of Spyros who guarded the area. The Black Marlins stopped pushing and went back to the open sea.

“Who are you?” asked one of the legionaries as the sphere broke. “Where are you from?

“We are from the nation of Puree,” Alfher replied.

“We saw the sphere of the bakunawa.”

“Right, the Queen of the sea serpents helped us escape.”

“Where is she?” King Arkyn approached.

“Infinite blessings, your Majesty,” enkhantoes paid respect as they kneeled and bowed their heads.

“Forgive us, your Majesty,” Alfher spoke. “But Queen Viper chose to stay in Puree. The State of Cephas burned by the firestorm. She stayed to check if there are other survivors.”

“That means she’s fighting alone,” one of the legionaries said.

“When we saw her, she was with the little girl.”

“A girl – “ the King wondered.

“Yes, a girl with hair like wine. I think she is five or six years old. She was supposed to come with us but she went after the serpent.”

“What are her eyes like?” asked the king.

“I – I think it’s midnight blue.”

King Arkyn stepped back, lost in his thoughts on Alfher’s description and stared at the horizon.

“Your Majesty?”

”It’s alright,” the king said to the legionary. “Help them find a place to settle.”

“Understood, Sire.”

King Arkyn breathe out deep, remained on the shore and watched above the clouds. “She has your eyes, my friend,” he muttered. “And now she has your hair. What shall I do? Will you resent me if I let her join in the battle of Kings?”



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