Infinite Blessings Readers!

Most people don’t like to feel fear but for me, it is an absolute reason why I began writing.


Before I started writing my first draft of Night Hervey Book 1, I was a big fan of webinars, seminars, reading books and listening audios about personal development. And most of the speakers, coaches, and authors said one thing, “Fear is not a wall that stands between you and your dream. It is a way of finding solutions and strategies to overcome and reach your dream.”

What a marvelous WISDOM! I never learned that idea during my school years.

But that wasn’t enough to convince me of writing that thought in my book. It was when learned that “Fear is the reason why people fall easily into sin.”

I thought that it was totally right. Fear is not about being frightened of a ghost, afraid of failure, and scared of taking risks. Fear can also a chance for people to do something terrible that makes him/her regret for the rest of his/her life.

Fear of worthlessness leads to anger. Fears of unimportance easily fall into temptation. Fear of emptiness leads to dissatisfaction. Fear of what other people say gives chance to lie. Fear of being left behind leads to envy and pride. Fear of having nothing leads to greed. Fear of being destroyed leads to harming others. Fear of suffering defeat over and over leads to hate and unforgiving.

Understanding these ideas made me realize that this is perfect for my book. Life of Night Hervey was a countless battle. Even though she was bold and competitive, she has an enormous volume of fear suppress deep within her heart that made her fall easily into sin or it could be the best option for her to grow and become strong.



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