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philippine eagleOne of the things that excite me in writing a story is when I think of a character. Since Night Hervey is an epic fantasy for young adult, I am free to not limit my imagination in terms of how they look and what they are.

In my book, I emphasized the other image of the King of Emerald Continent as a bird. And I chose the Haribon also known as the Philippine Eagle or Monkey-Eating-Eagle. This is the world’s largest eagle that is critically endangered. It has brown and white-colored plumage, a shaggy crest and eats monkeys, large snakes and large birds. This eagle is the national bird of the Philippines and is gradually disappearing due to deforestation for commercial development, mining activities, and hunting pose.

I was inspired by this bird in which the way it stands symbolizes bravery.

I already indicated the King’s character in Chapter One. Click here to read.


Note: The picture is not mine. I got it from imkidd at




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