Bakunawa is represented as a gigantic sea serpent in Philippine Mythology. Tales say that it is equivalent to a dragon and believed to be the cause of eclipses known as the “Moon Eater”.

night hervey 69

I kept on hearing this story since I was young. And when I decided to write a book, I included this type of creature as one of the characters in Night Hervey book series.

In the story, this giant Bakunawa has a malachite scales, gleamed eyes, and red long tongue. When angry, this creature could expand its neck and used wires on its gills to attack an enemy. At first glance, it looked like a beast but has the ability to transform into a blindfold female. She has a heart willing to defend a nation and did what it takes to save the girl with red wine hair named Night Hervey inside the huge Tuscan egg.

Viper fan art

Her name is Viper, the Queen of the Serpents. Read more of her story in Night Hervey and the Shadows of Enkhantoes.

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