Review: “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle”


A false Aslan is roaming Narnia, commanding everyone to work for the cruel Calormenes. Can Eustace and Jill find the true Aslan and restore peace to the land? The last battle is the greatest of all and the final struggle between good and evil.


I dislike the conclusion of this series but still, it deserves a 5* rating for me since I base it to the wisdom I got and not because of the emotions that left in me after reading the last word at the end.

In my opinion, this book tells not just about Christianity but also as a human being. Why? It’s because Christians are not the only people in this world who have faith. Just like the dwarves in this book, they lose faith after they’ve been deceived once. And like Susan who simply turns her back and stops believing. (Honestly, I still feel the injustice of how the author treats Susan’s character.) Also, I couldn’t forget how King Tirian loses the faith in his own as he compared himself to the previous Kings and Queens of Narnia.

Hours later after I finished reading, another point that struck my heart. Aslan is a symbol of Narnian’s faith. They feared him and yet they didn’t know and understand who he really is. Their fears and lack of understanding are the reasons why they’ve been easily deceived and do what was being told even if it is inappropriate. That fact is no difference from the rest of us.

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